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Our Services

Professional Tutoring in the Comfort of your Home

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Personalized and Professional
One-on-One Tutoring
by Actual Teachers

Our expert tutors are ready to bring enriching and engaging lessons directly to you! Our at-home tutoring services are designed to make learning effective, engaging, and convenient.


Whether your child is struggling with a specific subject, needing homework help,

or simply seeking enrichment, our skilled tutors will provide your child with the guidance

and support they need to excel. 

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Tutoring by Actual Teachers

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Enthusiastic and Encouraging Tutors!

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Individualized and Customized Lesson Plans

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Hands-on, Engaging, and Up-to-Date Teaching Methods! 

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Grades Pre-K to Middle School

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Flexible and Convenient Scheduling

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Communication with Teachers 

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Progress Monitoring for Parents

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One-on-one Sessions in the Comfort of your own Home

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Evidence Based Teaching Practices 

Home schooling

Keep Your Child on Track this Summer

Get 50% Off your first session! 

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Our Services

Grades Pre-K to 6th

Reading Instruction

  • Build a strong reading foundation built on the Core Elements of Literacy: Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Reading Comprehension

  • UFLI Research Based Literacy Program

  • Tutors who are trained in Phonics Instruction

  • More than just Rote Memorization

  • Improve Reading Fluency, a critical skill for young readers, with Research and Evidence Based practices

  • Initial Assessment to target areas of improvement 

  • Individualized and Customized Lesson Plans 

  • Hands-on and Engaging Methods of Teaching Reading 

  • Guaranteed Positive Reading Results


Math Instruction

  • Initial Assessment to target areas of improvement 

  • Integration of Khan Academy and Florida B.E.S.T. Standards

  • A focus on Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

  • Engaging Math Instruction with Interactive Learning Resources

  • Build a strong foundation by strengthening Core Grade Level Skills  

  • Individualized and Customized Lesson Plans 

  • Aligned with Common Core State Standards

  • Math Tutoring by actual teachers

  • Improve Fundamental Math Skills with a Gradual and Progressive approach 

  • Guaranteed Advancement of Math Skills


Progress Monitoring 

We prioritize progress monitoring to track and measure each student's improvement over time, ensuring that parents are up to date on their child's progress. 

How To Get Started


Call Consultation

Give us a call today to speak directly with one of our certified teachers. This initial consultation allows us to understand your child’s needs, goals, and any specific requirements he/she may have, as well as answer any of your questions concerning pricing structure and availability.


Schedule an Initial Assessment Session

This initial in-person session provides our tutors with valuable insight on your child’s current level of knowledge and areas of improvement, enabling them to create a personalized learning plan for your student. 

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 Book your Sessions

Once the assessment session is completed, we will work with you to create a convenient weekly schedule that meets you and your child’s needs, to see fast and effective results in no time!

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